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A collection of words of wisdom and excerpts from the spiritual gatherings of Shaykh Riyadh ul Haq

Ramaḍān 2018 – Day 29: True Eid

A person’s Eid will only be Eid if their Ramaḍān was Ramaḍān.

Ramaḍān 2018 – Day 28: Wind of Mercy

During Ramaḍān, there is a wind of Rahma which touches everyone. This is why people change in Ramaḍān; there is a natural inclination to good.

Ramaḍān 2018 – Day 27: Sacred States

Similar to salāh and Hajj, fasting is a sacred state.

Ramaḍān 2018 – Day 26: Losing Sight of the Goal

During daily fasting in Ramaḍān, it is easy to lose sight of the purpose of fasting.

Ramaḍān 2018 – Day 25: Purity

Purity of speech leads to purity of deeds.

Ramaḍān 2018 – Day 24: A Place of Dignity

The spirit of the masjid is calmness and tranquillity. Masjids are a place of silence and contemplation, of dignity and respect.

Ramaḍān 2018 – Day 23: Unchained

The shayatīn (devils) are locked up in Ramaḍān so why do we still sin? The shayatīn are chained but we remain unchained – our nafs is weak.

Ramaḍān 2018 – Day 22: Seclusion

The original meaning of i’tikāf was to devote oneself and focus oneself on something to the exclusion of everything else. Ramadan is a form of iʿtikāf for the entire month. We should treat the whole of Ramaḍān as a spiritual retreat where we devote ourselves to, and focus on, the ibadah of Allāh to the exclusion of everything else.

Ramaḍān 2018 – Day 21: Time to Change

The atmosphere and climate of Ramaḍān has a positive effect – it is a good time to change.

Ramaḍān 2018 – Day 20: Bad Speech

Fasting involves passively avoiding food and drink but actively avoiding bad speech.

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