A collection of words of wisdom and excerpts from the spiritual gatherings of Shaykh Riyadh ul Haq

Your Brief Stay

Some ulamā have said that we should regard our time in the dunya as the time between Adhān and Salāh.

Our Time

Allah has given us time so that we may put it to good use and be grateful to Allah.

What will our relationship be with Allah if we abuse it?

Real Loss

Real loss is not the loss of wealth of possessions. Real loss is when a person allows themselves to be distracted by their dunya from the remembrance of Allah and their true purpose.

Character and Conduct

Ilm shines in character and conduct.

Chain of Purification

The true ulama were such that they were purified by their teachers and they purified their students.

Softening the Heart

Reciting durood (salutations upon the Messenger ﷺ) abundantly not only has a calming effect on a person but also softens the heart.

Falling is Easy

Always remember that spirituality can easily be lost – climbing is difficult but falling is easy. Consolidate what you have i.e. fardh and sunnah acts of ibadah and take things slowly, with patience and perseverance.

Heart and Mind

Ilm is in the heart not just in the mind.

Love of Titles

As human beings, we love titles and want to be respected. Where does that desire come from? It comes from the nafs.

Winning the Arguement

Debating may win the argument but it never wins the hearts.

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