A collection of words of wisdom and excerpts from the spiritual gatherings of Shaykh Riyadh ul Haq

Ramaḍān 2019 – Day 19: Expiators

The five prayers, Friday to Friday, and Ramadan to Ramadan are all expiators of what’s in between them if one avoids major sins. (Muslim)

Ramaḍān 2019 – Day 18: Vulgarity

The first sin the Prophet ﷺ warned against while fasting is vulgarity. Let us observe the fast of the tongue by avoiding all obscenity.

Ramaḍān 2019 – Day 17: Quran

The world is abuzz with Quranic recitation in Ramadan. The Quran, by far, is and will always be the most oft read and recited book ever.

Ramaḍān 2019 – Day 16: Curb the Nafs

Fasting curbs the cravings of the lower self, for when the body is hungry the nafs is full but when the body is full the nafs is hungry.

Ramaḍān 2019 – Day 15: Immune System

Fasting has many physical benefits including the healthy maintenance of the whole body, and the rejuvenation of the entire immune system.

Ramaḍān 2019 – Day 14: The Soul’s Immune System

The Islamic purpose of fasting is to create taqwa: the soul’s own immune system, which develops resistance to spiritual diseases and sin.

Ramaḍān 2019 – Day 13: Soaring

Fasting curbs our animalistic indulgence and carnality, and enables us to break free of the shackles of bestiality and soar to spirituality.

Ramaḍān 2019 – Day 12: Time for Change

If, even in the blessed and sanitised atmosphere of Ramadan, we do not reform our character and conduct then we must ask ourselves: ‘When?’

Ramaḍān 2019 – Day 11: Anger Management

Fasting in Ramadan with constant awareness and mindfulness is the easiest and most effective course for anger management and self discipline

Ramaḍān 2019 – Day 10: Pleasant Disposition

The Prophet ﷺ said,

‘A pleasant disposition is one of the blessings (of Allah)’ (Ibn Majah)

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