A collection of words of wisdom and excerpts from the spiritual gatherings of Shaykh Riyadh ul Haq

Ramaḍān 2019 – Day 12: Time for Change

If, even in the blessed and sanitised atmosphere of Ramadan, we do not reform our character and conduct then we must ask ourselves: ‘When?’

Ramaḍān 2019 – Day 11: Anger Management

Fasting in Ramadan with constant awareness and mindfulness is the easiest and most effective course for anger management and self discipline

Ramaḍān 2019 – Day 10: Pleasant Disposition

The Prophet ﷺ said,

‘A pleasant disposition is one of the blessings (of Allah)’ (Ibn Majah)

Ramaḍān 2019 – Day 9: Be True

You can never please everyone, especially if you are true to yourself, and even more so if you are true to Allah.

Ramaḍān 2019 – Day 8: Month of the Qur’an

Ramadan is the month of the Quran; a time to devotedly recite its words, reflect on its meanings, and apply its teachings in our lives.

Ramaḍān 2019 – Day 7: Abstention

Fasting is abstention, and in a true fast, along with the body’s abstention, the mind and heart abstain from sinful thoughts and sentiments.

Ramaḍān 2019 – Day 6: Astounding Legacy

Among other things, early Muslims have bequeathed us a truly astounding legacy of reciting and memorising the Quran, especially in Ramadan.

Ramaḍān 2019 – Day 5: Nourishment for the Soul

As a living being the soul needs nourishment, nurture and protection to survive and thrive. This is Ramadan’s preparation for the whole year.

Ramaḍān 2019 – Day 3: Active Fasting

Let’s not fast passively and unconsciously, merely being hungry and thirsty, but actively remaining conscious of the sacred state we’re in.

Ramaḍān 2019 – Day 3: Ihsan

Fasting creates taqwa, which is a higher awareness and consciousness of Allah, similar to ihsan, of which the Prophet ﷺ said, ‘Ihsan is that you worship Allah as though you see him, and if you do not see him then indeed he sees you.

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